Guest Blog: 7 Tips for Decorating Your Office with Flowers

There are few things that could prove to be as effective at brightening up and bringing life to any office space than the selective placement of fresh flowers. However, not all flowers are suitable for this particular purpose, making it imperative that you do a spot of research before rushing off to your local florist. A few helpful tips for decorating your office with flowers can be found below:

1. Location

Have a good look around your office to determine exactly which spots would be most suitable for the particular flowers that you have in mind. Tropical flowers love brightly lit spots, so be sure to place them as close as possible to windows and other natural light sources. Orchids, on the other hand, cannot tolerate direct sunlit, so seek out a shady spot. The other good thing about orchids is that they are very easy to maintain and are very long lasting


2. Containers

It is very easy to overlook the importance of containers when decorating your office with flowers. A selection of pretty vases could prove to be as important as the actual flowers themselves. It might even be necessary to choose the vases first in order to match the colour scheme of your office. A little experimentation could go a long way. Try a selection of unusual containers, such as kettles, coffee mugs or even pretty measuring cups to create a unique look.

3. Monochromatic Arrangements

By keeping your individual arrangements to a single colour, you would be successfully avoiding the fussy, cluttered look that is anathema to most successful office environments. White flowers are particularly suited to offices due to their elegant appearance. If you are mixing different types of flowers in the same container, ensure that they are all the same colour.

4. Function Over Form

Some people are allergic to highly fragrant flowers, so be careful what types you choose. Also, for those working from home offices, it is important to be aware that lilies can prove to be deadly where pets are concerned. When it comes to selecting flowers for your office, always try to bear in mind that function is far more important than form. An office filled with pretty or fragrant flowers might look stunning, but it could actually prove to be a fairly hazardous environment.

5. The Reception Area

What better way to greet visitors to your office than a reception area that features a colourful array of fresh flowers? Warm colours could help to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that might prove to be helpful in putting visitors at ease.


6. Classic Offices

Flowers for offices that are used by estate agents, law firms and physicians should be neutral in appearance in order to convey a professional ambiance. Some examples are classic roses, gladioli and iris.

7. Creative Offices

For offices where creativity is a key factor, you could be more adventurous and give free rein to your own creative instincts. Brightly coloured flowers would almost certainly go down a treat in such environments.


By incorporating flowers into an office fit out, not only would you be making your staff field good but you would surely be creating a favourable impression on visitors as well. The type of flowers that you end up choosing will largely depend upon the nature of your business. Other factors would also come into play, such as natural light and existing colour schemes. Caution should be taken when choosing flowers, as possible allergic reactions amongst your staff and visitors is a distinct possibility. So, be sure to you select your flowers wisely.



Author bio
Alice Willson is a freelance writer for an office fit out specialist in Australia. Concept Office Interiors covers all aspects of an office design project, from consultancy to construction



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The Birds, the Bees, and the Bats ?

When I say bat, most people think blood-sucking vampires or flying rats. They definitely don’t think of beautiful fragrant flowers.
Birds and Bees do their thing during the day, but as soon as night falls, it’s the bats that take over.
Holy Pollination Batman!


500 Flower species from at least 67 plant families rely on bats for the majority of their pollinators, Not only are these little guys responsible for plant pollination, they can be really cute too.
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Flower Beards … Are they really a Trend now?

Big, Bushy Beards are receiving a whole lot of media attention; recently many young men from all over the world (and internet) are adopting this interesting and scruffy look.
The Large beards are often associated with a hipster culture,( though many men would hate to admit that .)

In some cities, this trend has become so popular; it is now inspiring trends to counteract the trend itself.


Early in the year the New York Times declared beards to be officially a mainstream trend. Some now say, that with the New York Times declaring this look a trend, this means it becomes the complete opposite. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The streets and almost all forms of social media are packed with these bearded men young and old. And some of these men have taken it to a whole new level, creating a trend out of another trend. Insert; “The Flower Beard”.

While pictures of men with flowers in their beards can be found as far back as the 70’s, This summer it has taken on a life of its own. Thanks in most part to the World Wide Web, we are now seeing “The flower beard “, everywhere we look.beard4
If one searches #FlowerBeard on Instagram alone, you will come up with thousands of pictures, all showing men of all ages, size and race, with flower beards of any style you can imagine.

The trend has really launched itself online this July after a blog dedicated only to flower beards was created.
In more recent weeks, the flower beard has blossomed (pun intended), to a whole new level, with 100’s of photos being found everywhere from fashion websites, professional portfolios, and even from the social media feeds of the everyday woman, having a little fun at the expense of their significant others and male friends.


So what do you think? Trend? No trend? Would you ( or a bearded friend) try it?

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The Genus is named after Charles Bouvard, personal physician to King Louis XIII of France, and also the director of the “Jardin des Plantes”. Originates from Mexico, but it is now widely cultivated, especially in Holland. It is very fragrant, available in Bright white, cream, pink and red. Bouvardia is particularly prone to water loss and should never be left out of water.

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African lily, Lily of the Nile

From the Lily family, originates in South Africa, but is mainly cultivated in Holland. Popular varieties include “Blue Triumphator”, “Blue Globe” and “Umbellatus Albus”, available in shades of blue and white. They are rounded clusters of small bell or trumpet-shaped flowers at the top of the stems. It’s prone to losing its petals.




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Originates from western and central Europe and Asia, and belong to the buttercup family. The name is derived from the Greek name for the plant, “Akoniton”. Greeks used it to poison wolves and other wild animals. Because of its intense color, it contrasts well with other bright colored flowers. It comes in shades of blue, deep blue and purple. It has flowers with high hoods on long spikes. All parts of this flower are poisonous and should be handles with care. Always wash your hands after touching.


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Red/pink Ginger, Shell Ginger, Ginger Lilly, Torch Ginger


Named after botanist Prospero Alpino, the exotic tropical flower is from the “zingiberacae” or ginger family. Grown in the Far East and Africa, the leaves of Alpina are often used as foliage in tropical floral designs. Available in purple-red or pink, or has white flowers marked with pink.

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