Giant LEGO® Flowers take over Australia’s Outback

Go big or go home! LEGO® decided to go big! These giant LEGO flowers have been sprouting all over Australia’s landscape this summer as part of LEGO’s “Festival of Play,” to celebrate LEGO’s 50th anniversary in Australia. The life-sized iconic pine trees and flowers are the main attractions. At 66 times larger than the original size, these LEGO® bricks are quite the sight!

The LEGO® Festival of Play is a nine month celebration of events and activities encouraging LEGO® fans, young and young at heart to play and use their imaginations. Not that Australians need help in that department. In 2011, LEGO® sold almost 7 million LEGO® sets in Australia alone.  It is the number one toy brand in the country.

I don’t know about you, but I feel inspired to go play! Who wants to join me?

Festival of Play: Lego flowers + trees, Australia

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Photo credit:

Lego Forest, Festival of Play, Australia
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  1. fiztrainer says:

    This is really incredible. Thanks for sharing this. :D

    Like this

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