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Flower Fun: Narcissus

The classic story about the man named Narcissus who was so self-absorbed that he wasted away staring at his own reflection until he eventually became a flower, the attractive Narcissus is the official flower for the month of December! Another … Continue reading

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Not an Orchid!

Though this beauty looks like it must be an orchid, believe it or not, it’s actually a member of the ginger family (Zingiberoideae). Roscoea pupurea – Vannin variety boasts these large white and purple blooms that can easily fool you … Continue reading

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  The Genus is named after Charles Bouvard, personal physician to King Louis XIII of France, and also the director of the “Jardin des Plantes”. Originates from Mexico, but it is now widely cultivated, especially in Holland. It is very … Continue reading

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African lily, Lily of the Nile From the Lily family, originates in South Africa, but is mainly cultivated in Holland. Popular varieties include “Blue Triumphator”, “Blue Globe” and “Umbellatus Albus”, available in shades of blue and white. They are rounded … Continue reading

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  Monkshood Originates from western and central Europe and Asia, and belong to the buttercup family. The name is derived from the Greek name for the plant, “Akoniton”. Greeks used it to poison wolves and other wild animals. Because of … Continue reading

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Red/pink Ginger, Shell Ginger, Ginger Lilly, Torch Ginger Named after botanist Prospero Alpino, the exotic tropical flower is from the “zingiberacae” or ginger family. Grown in the Far East and Africa, the leaves of Alpina are often used as foliage … Continue reading

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Lady’s Mantle Tiny flowers and an abundance of soft, fan-shaped leaves, makes this an excellent filler for bouquets. Available in yellow-green. It has tiny star-shaped clusters

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Mimosa, White Acacia is from the pea family, they have a sharp sweet fragrance, available in the color yellow. The flowers are tiny petal-less and in globular clusters. Numerous stamens give a typically fluffy appearance. Acacia is sensitive to ethylene … Continue reading

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Dill This flower from the carrot family is often confused with fennel, it has a strong aroma, and one should be very careful when combining it, particularly with other scented flowers, as the strong aroma will dominate. Available in yellow-green, … Continue reading

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