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Arachnis Orchids

Next to the Rose, orchids are one of my favourite plants. The sheer variety and uniqueness of each species is just amazing! Like this one; Arachnis, commonly called spider orchid or scorpion orchid, even though it’s resemblance to a spider … Continue reading

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Scientists Discover first Known Predator to Disguise itself as a Flower!

I thought this article was really cool and a glimpse into how resourceful nature can really be! You might notice the lack of original content in this post, but we thought was way too neat not to share! Original Article … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts: Vanda Orchid

Vanda or Vanda Orchid is a highly prized orchid valued for its large, fragrant, and long lasting flowers that come in many rich and vibrant colours, including blue, red, pink and yellow. Flowers grow to be 1-4 inches in diameter. … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts: Dendrobium Orchid

The dendrobium (den-DRO-bee-um) orchid is the largest genus of orchids, containing over 1200 species native to Southeast Asia (i.e Thailand, Singapore) varying in forms, sizes and colours.  They are available in shades of whites, purple, red, pink, and yellow-green. Purple … Continue reading

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Best Flowers to Give to Allergy Sufferers

Flowers are the perfect gift any occasion from birthdays to sympathy, lifting up spirits and bring joy and smiles all around! Everybody loves flowers! Well, actually that isn’t exactly true.  Flowers can be a source of suffering for some. Specifically, … Continue reading

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Escape Winter With These Tropical Flowers

Winter isn’t always fun, especially if you live in a climate like Canada, where it is cold and snowy for almost 6 months of the year! Shoveling driveways and sidewalks gets tiring and tedious. Walking around with layers upon layers … Continue reading

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How to Get Phalaenopsis Orchids to Re-bloom

From pure white to hot pink, there is a Phalaenopsis plant for every home decor! Phalaenopsis (fal-en-OP-sis) orchids, also commonly known as moth orchids, are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world and among the easiest orchids to … Continue reading

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2013 Colour of the Year: Emerald Green Flowers

Pantone, the globally recognized authority on colour, has declared emerald green as the colour of the year. This rich, luscious and ever so elegant colour will be big this year in weddings, fashion, home decor, and more! The colour, as … Continue reading

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Orchids Named After Famous People

The tradition of naming orchids dates began in the 1940s in the United States, where orchids were bred to honour the VIPs. And ever since then, it seems like it has become a trend to name hybrid orchids after famous … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Two Ghost Orchids

Do ghosts exists? Nobody knows for sure. But what we do know is that Ghost Orchids do exist! They are rare in the world, but you can see, feel and smell them! In fact, the name Ghost Orchid actually refers … Continue reading

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