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Guest Post: Utilizing the Color Spectrum in Your Garden

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always grown flowers. From having individual potted blooms around my apartment, to window boxes, to flower beds, and finally, full-fledged flower gardens, I’ve had flowers in basically all styles. I definitely go … Continue reading

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Floral Crimes

What? Floral Crimes? Is there really such a thing? You bet there is! I’ve found stories from around the world that involve theft, vandalism, police and even the mafia, yes the MAFIA! So sit back, relax & read all about … Continue reading

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The Guys Guide to Giving Flowers

92% of women can remember the last time they received flowers, and 89% say receiving flowers makes them feel special. Giving great floral gifts, however, still remains a mystery to most men. To help them out, author and TV host … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Crafts for Kids

All parents know keeping a child busy keeps a child out of trouble! I found some great videos on YouTube that will keep you and your child entertained for ages, plus you’ll create some pretty neat flowers! Crafts for preschoolers … Continue reading

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10 Uses for Magnolia

The magnolia is one of the oldest flowering plants in the world dating back millions of years ago.  This magnificent tree is valued for its beautiful, fragrant flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. It is a popular ornamental … Continue reading

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25 Unique Ways to Use Roses

June is the month of the rose, the world’s most popular and recognizable flower. As a cut flower, the beauty and fragrance is like no other! It is one of the many reasons roses are the perfect gift for any … Continue reading

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Learn How to Create a Spring Flower Arrangements

Spring is in the air! The landscape is alive with the sights and sounds of the new season. The sky is clear blue. Trees are sprouting green. Birds are chirping. It’s a wonderful time of the year, especially for those … Continue reading

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Cool Places to See Flowers: The Bataille de Fleurs in Nice, France

Every February, the picturesque city of Nice, France hosts the largest carnival in the country. This year, the Nice Carnival is celebrating its 140th birthday with the theme “King of the Five Continents.” The main attraction during the 3 week … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts: Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia)

Angel’s Trumpet, also known as brugmansia, is a heat-loving tropical annual shrub or small tree native to South America that produces large, trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers come in white, pink, orange or yellow and hang down from their branches. Not … Continue reading

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Red on Green: The Life and Death of 10 000 Roses

Psst! The roses you’ve received for Valentine’s Day will die at some point, if they haven’t already. For many, it’s sad to see something so beautiful fade away.  But not for London-based artist, Anya Gallacio. As an artist that enjoys … Continue reading

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