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Floating Flower Oasis

  The Museum of Experimental Science and Innovation in Tokyo is currently featuring an interactive flower installation, called Floating Flower Garden. A simple white space has been turned into a flower oasis; over 2,300 colourful and fragrant orchids, with their full … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Flower Fun!

The happy green holiday is upon us! Grab your green hat, pinch an Irishman (or Irishwoman) and get green happy!  May the Irish hills caress you; may her lakes and rivers bless you; may the luck of the Irish enfold … Continue reading

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Fresh Flowers, from a vending machine?

You have to admit, it’s a novel idea. Just pop your credit card in the vending machine, choose a bouquet and voila! You have a ready made bouquet to give to a loved one… In Shanghai, China an entrepreneur has … Continue reading

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Please tell me what a Spring Bouquet is?

In Canada and the rest of the northern hemisphere, the first day of the spring season was March 20. The last day is June 19. Many people like to order “spring bouquets” not only when spring seems to be around … Continue reading

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The Ever Popular Peony

Peonies symbolizes nobility, value and peace; however, they can also signify shame. The name originates from Greek mythology- Paeon was a bright student learning under the god Asclepius. Zeus turned Paeon into a flower to save him from the jealous … Continue reading

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Globe Artichokes (Cynara)

Pronounced SIN-a-ra, Cynara is the genus name of two perennial vegetables known as globe artichoke and cardoon. The cardoon (C. cardunculus) can grow 2-3m high. The gray-green leaves overlap at the base, and the wide, plump stems form loose stalks … Continue reading

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Symbolizes levity or lightness and can also be indicative of fickleness and haughtiness. Larkspurs were, in the past, classified as a species in the genus Delphinium, but today they constitute a genus of their own, Consolida (con-SAW-li-da). Larkspur florets, which … Continue reading

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Fun Flower Facts: The Elegant Iris

The Iris symbolizes eloquence. Purple irises =  wisdom and compliments; Blue =  faith and hope. Yellow = passion;   white =  purity. Birth Month: February From ancient times, the stately Iris stood as a symbol of power and majesty. This … Continue reading

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Light & Airy – Astilbe

Common names for this plant are Meadowsweet and False Spiralea. Alstilbe is an easy to grow, low maintenance and virtually pest-free perennial that will add gorgeous splash of soft, wispy colour to your garden. Flowers come in shades of pink, … Continue reading

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Ranunculus Radiates Charm

Symbolizes radiant charm and can convey a message that you are radiant with charm or you are attractive. Ranunculus is a large genus of about 600 species of plants in the Ranunculaceae family. Members of this genus include the buttercup, … Continue reading

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