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Queen of all the Flower Crowns!

Flower crowns are all the rage these days. Fresh flowers in your hair just simply put a pep in your step. Brides, festival goers, graduates, birthday celebrators- there are many reasons to sport little lovelies around your tête.     … Continue reading

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Plant Profile: Paphiopedilum Callosum

The Paphiopedilum Callosum orchid, or Paph for short, is a genus of the Lady Slipper subfamily Cyprpedioideae of the flower plant family Orchidaceae.  It is commonly called the Venus Slipper orchid, and is highly popularized by its visually striking, waxy blooms. … Continue reading

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Flowers and Ice

Earlier this year, a talented Japanese artist, Azuma Makoto, put on an exhibit titled “ICED FLOWERS”. The exhibition featured compositions of beautiful flowers encased inside massive blocks of ice. Cymbidium orchids, anthurium, and helliconia were just a few of the … Continue reading

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Arachnis Orchids

Next to the Rose, orchids are one of my favourite plants. The sheer variety and uniqueness of each species is just amazing! Like this one; Arachnis, commonly called spider orchid or scorpion orchid, even though it’s resemblance to a spider … Continue reading

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The Orchid that Looks like a Bee!

I spy with my little eye a bee on a flower. Or do I? Upon a second glance, that’s not a bee at all! It’s a bee orchid, a type of orchid that looks like a bee resting on a … Continue reading

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Orchids Named After Famous People

The tradition of naming orchids dates began in the 1940s in the United States, where orchids were bred to honour the VIPs. And ever since then, it seems like it has become a trend to name hybrid orchids after famous … Continue reading

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It’s an Orchid Lovers Dream!

Edmonton’s Muttart Conservatory has devoted an entire pyramid to the Orchid. After a full year of planning the incredible display is open to the public from now until Oct 23. If you’re avid about Orchids this is a DO NOT … Continue reading

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How Bizzare! Rhizanthella gardneri

This orchid’s common name is Underground Orchid. Very fitting as this plant lives, grows and even flowers underground! Found only in Western Australia, the underground orchid is exotic and endangered. It was discovered in 1928 by a farmer who was … Continue reading

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The Exotic Orchid

ORCHIDS (Orchidaceaea) Symbolizes refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm and is a symbol of exotic beauty. With an estimated 25,000 different types existing naturally and more being discovered each year, Orchids are one of the largest flowering plant families. Although they are … Continue reading

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Wow, now this is really “answering natures call”

I am often accused by my fellow bloggers of going out of my way to find weird and wacky flower facts to bring to the attention of our readers on Fun Flower Facts. Well, this time I think I may … Continue reading

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