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Agave of the Century!

An 80 year old Agave plant at the University of Michigan botanical gardens has bloomed. The agave produced a 28 foot high stalk that passed all the way through the greenhouse roof! The plant has resided in the Ann Arbour … Continue reading

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Flowers on the moon…

Not yet, but it’s coming! In 2015 scientists are planning on sending some seeds to the moon to study the germination of plants in lunar gravity & radiation on the moon. They will be creating a self contained habitat and … Continue reading

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Plant Profile: Saucer Plant (Aeonium tabuliforme)

Here at funflowerfacts.com we love unusual plants, the weirder the better! This pretty little succulent fits the bill. Aeonium tabuliforme, otherwise known as Saucer Plant or Dinner Plate Plant is the flattest plant we know of. Found in Tenerife, they … Continue reading

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Scientists Discover first Known Predator to Disguise itself as a Flower!

I thought this article was really cool and a glimpse into how resourceful nature can really be! You might notice the lack of original content in this post, but we thought was way too neat not to share! Original Article … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Storing your Plants for Cold Weather Planting

Late autumn and early winter is an excellent time to plant, but that doesn’t mean conditions will always be perfect. If you find yourself geared up to plant and stuck in a freeze you’ll have no choice but to wait … Continue reading

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Plant Profile: Portulaca

I love this annual, in fact it made it into my favourite new varieties for both 2011 and 2012! 2011 – Portulaca, Duet Hawaiian Rose     2012 – Portulaca, Happy Hour Coconut As you can see, same plant, completely different … Continue reading

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Top 5 Plants for Christmas

Adding plants to your home is a simple and cost effective way to add to your decor and to change it up for the various holidays and celebrations throughout the year. Below is my pick of the top 5 houseplants … Continue reading

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Preventing Plant Troubles

All gardens, no matter how well maintained are subject to troubles from insects and diseases that can, and will attack your plants as soon as your back is turned! The best way to handle plant troubles is PREVENTION. Choose your … Continue reading

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Plant Profile: Astrantia

Astrantia, commonly known as Masterwort is a beautiful, shade loving perennial that adds colour and uniqueness to every garden, especially so when you consider it makes for a beautiful & long lasting cut flower. Masterwort can easily be grown from … Continue reading

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Flower Care Reminder: Poinsettias at Christmas!

As we enter the mid November weeks, magic is in the air as Christmas begins to wind its way back into the air and the holidays begin to approach rapidly! With Christmas of course comes the wonderful potted Poinsettia, a … Continue reading

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