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Guest Post: How to take care of indoor plants and flowers

Having plants at home is a wonderful way to bring beautiful nature indoors and create a lovely and more relaxed environment. Indoor plants and flowers give a beautiful vibe to the home and suit absolutely every interior. Placing pots of … Continue reading

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Can Plants Think?

Can plants think? Smell or give off scent? Do they know if they are being attacked? Can they hear? Do they work together? Show empathy? Do they have memory? Check out this video…

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Plant Profile: Hepatica

Hepatica also known as Liverwort or Johnny Jump ups, is a delicate pretty wildflower native to Europe, Asia and North America. A relative of the buttercup, hepatica is a petite yet showy, pretty flower that will grow in many conditions … Continue reading

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The 5 Easiest Houseplants to Grow

Did you resolve to live healthier this year? Forget dieting and exercising! This could simply be achieved by growing some houseplants! Houseplants have been known to improve the air quality inside our homes by removing toxins in the air, thus … Continue reading

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5 Easy to Grow Holiday Plants

Winter can be a depressing time of the year, especially with the lack of sunshine and fresh flowers from the garden. But there is a silver lining in those dark, gloomy clouds! You can grow these holiday plants in the … Continue reading

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India Farmers Face Water Crisis – Now Growing Flowers

Many Farmers in Malur, Karnataka, India have been suffering through a drought that has been killing off their crops. Attempts at irrigation have been unsuccessful; the solution? Grow flowers! Button roses and Dutch roses are cultivated in an area of 472 … Continue reading

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The Plantosaurus Rex Exhibit

The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, California is very proud of it’s latest exhibit The Plantosaurus Rex, and so they should be! The exhibit showcases 3 different periods the Triassic and Jurassic periods when plant life was rather boring … Continue reading

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We are Dependant on Flowers

The most important thing that a plant does is to flower. Without flowers we would not have fruits, crops and of course seeds to begin the following year. In the past, experiments have proven that plants can adjust the timing … Continue reading

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Cilantro..More than just a spice

I am always fascinated by facts and trivia about flowers and plants and if you have been reading my posts on this blog you probably noticed that. So when I came across a news article about a plant with natural antibiotic … Continue reading

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World’s First Living Billboard

With over 800 British wildflowers (14 different species), the worlds first living billboard has been created. It took 2 months to grow the plants for this living floral advertisement. It was created by the wine company Banrock Station. Despite taking … Continue reading

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