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Guinness World Records Flower Facts

The world of flowers is fascinating. It’s full of weird and wonderful things. On this blog alone, we have covered designer clothes inspired by flowers, amazing flower festivals, plants that kill people, glow in the dark flowers, and more! But … Continue reading

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Russia’s Human Flower

Ok, so this is people, NOT an actual flower, but hey it’s still pretty neat! 186 parachutists jumped out of a plane and into the Guinness Book of World Records when they did a connected free fall jump together in … Continue reading

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“Eiffel” Sunflower shooting for world record

Sunflowers like warmth and sunshine to grow big and tall, but this one is defying all odds! Growing in a little terrace garden in Kent, this beauty has reached a staggering height of 23 ft despite a poor summer with … Continue reading

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