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Hi everyone,
My name is Doug Munro and I am the CEO of Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers. FunFlowerFacts.com has asked me to be one of their contributors on a regular basis, something I am pleased to do. I have been in the business of flowers for over 3 decades and I am still learning something new every day, so I look forward to the opportunity to share some of what I have learned and my love of flowers.

At Grower Direct we are true believers in the power of flowers to enhance peoples lives, in flowers, seniors, elderly, fact we see this every day in the faces of our customers and those who we deliver flowers to. It’s a great feeling! In fact it is more than just a “feeling”, scientific research has scientifically proven time and time again the emotional and behavioral benefits of giving and receiving flowers. So we are always on the look out for good news stories about flowers and how they improve lives.  Here is a great one that I suspect you will enjoy as much as I do….

Flower arranging brings pleasure to seniors
Flowers and Friends program brightens up long-term care facility and the lives of seniors.
Bill Short is brightening up the lives of seniors.
The volunteer with Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Palliative Care has introduced Flowers and Friends to residents of Chateau Gardens—a program he initiated to infuse some colour at the long-term care facility…. Read More

About gdguy

CEO of Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers, we are a Canadian franchise system with retail flower stores across the country
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