Grey Cup = Football Mums Part one

mumHere in Edmonton we are getting ready to host the CFL Grey Cup this weekend. Yes the weather is going to cooperate, today it is -27C and by the weekend it is going to be a balmy -6C.  However it still may be to cold for the tradition of wearing a football mum.  What does a chrysanthemum and foot ball have in common you ask?

Our counter parts in the NFL would be familiar with the 80 year old Football Mum tradition. Football mums are a Southern United States tradition started in Texas as a way to show spirit during the football season . Football fans pin this large Chrysanthemum to their jacket in hopes of bringing good luck to their home team.

The MUMS have become larger and more extravagant over the years. Could you imagine wearing a corsage sporting a teddy bear, or sparkling jewels. Some of the outrageous MUMS can weigh up to 5.5kgs when they are all decked out.

In the western prairies it is tradition that the fans of one team hollow out watermelons and wear them as foot ball helmets, somehow it think I would prefer to  wear a football mum corsage!

Coming soon – the next installment of Football MUMS

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