Chrysanthemums are for Royalty (Grey Cup = Football Mum Part two)

homecoming mumRelating to our first post

High School Homecoming Queens surprisingly have a common thread with the Japanese royal or noble families. Both covet the MUM.  Japanese history records the chrysanthemum being imported from China, and by 800 A.D. the chrysanthemum had become so prestigious that only the royal or noble families were permitted to cultivate it. One of the highest honours that could be bestowed in Japan was admittance to the Order of the Chrysanthemum.

The Homecoming  Queen or Homecoming Mum has the honour of being a  unique flower collage made of a chrysanthemum,  that can be embellished with ribbons, (over 3 feet long) and other keepsakes that may describe the student.

The prestigious mum has certainly made its  20th century mark in the heart of many homecoming high school students.

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