Mistletoe = Lip Balm

kissIf you are a witch – think twice before you pucker up after reading the history of  mistletoe! Mistletoe has long been associated with Christmas and kissing. Kissing under the mistletoe was first found associated with the Greek festival of Saturnalia and later primitive marriage rites, this may be because it was believed to have the power of bestowing fertility.

Some of the other magical properties associated with mistletoe include:

  • bestower of life and fertility
  • a protectant against poison
  • an aphrodisiac, regarded as a sexual symbol ( wear this with caution!)
  • mistletoe was hung from the ceiling to ward of evil spirits & over stable doors to prevent the entrance of witches
  • oak mistletoe – could extinguish fires

Kissing Ball

Designing with Mistletoe – Kissing Ball

  • soak a 10cm floral-foam ball in flower food
  • push a pencil through the ball, making a channel through the centre of the ball
  • push a 1 metre ribbon folded in half through the ball, be sure to anchor the folded end of the ribbon with a 5cm  bamboo stick on the bottom of the”Ball”
  • cut the mistletoe into 100 – 3cm pieces
  • insert the mistletoe “tips” evenly into the ball
  • on the top side of the ball take the ribbon ends and make a bow
  • the loop  is used to attach the Kissing Ball to the ceiling

Let the fun begin!

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