How to Design a Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath making is part of the holiday preparations. Branches and boughs would be gathered in the woods, usually when you were searching for the “Perfect Tree.”

The ancient Persians, Greeks and Romans once used decorative wreaths of laurel to signify victory.

The Germanic people used greenery in the form of boughs and wreaths to celebrate the recurring seasons.

The Christmas wreath’s circular shape represents a victorious eternity, while the greens of its evergreen branches represent growth and everlasting life.

Cedar symbolizes strength and healing, and placing pine cones and nuts in a wreath is symbolic of new life.

Designing a wreath

  • gather 10cm trimmings of cedar, pine, and fir
  • use a wire wreath frame and attach #24 floral wire along the wire frame
  • gather the twigs in bunches and attach them to the sections of floral wire, continue this process by lapping the bunches  until the entire frame is covered with boughs
  • lift the first bundle that you wired onto the frame and tuck the last bundle under the first to give a smooth circular look
  • you may decorate the wreath with pine cones or balls, by wrapping wire on the stems and attaching them to the wreath
  • roses and carnations with water pics may be added for a formal look
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3 Responses to How to Design a Christmas Wreath

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  2. Mike Litoris says:

    I’m interested in your opinions on what you would look at spending on a nice wreath, any suggestions?


    • I have always preferred a fresh live wreath rather than a fake plastic one. I have found that using a local florist is the best way to go. In the past I have spent from $50. to $100 depending on the size of it and variety of florals in the wreath. Your best bet is to contact your local florist (or a view their website), let them know how much you’re willing to spend and ask what you will get for that amount.
      If your budget is low then stop by a craft store and pick up an inexpensive wire frame, cut your greens from your own yard and stop by a florist to pick out the floral accessories and build it yourself! Hope my answer helps and Merry Christmas!


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