Alternatives to Milk and Cookies for Santa

santaSanta is as health conscience as the rest of us, therefore he is reducing his cookie intake and opting for an edible flower salad!

Edible flowers have been used in dishes by cultures all over the world for centuries. The Italians make stuffed squash blossoms, while some oriental dishes call for day lily buds. Rose petals are prevalent in Indian recipes and the French continue to make Chartreuse, a green liqueur, with carnation petals. With all these healthy choices, Santa can start his New Year’s Resolution early.

Menu Ideas for Christmas Eve

  • When making ice cubes, drop a few edible flowers in each tray compartment then freeze.  Flower cubes make an elegant addition to punch bowls, cocktails or other cold beverages.
  • Alternate layers of rose or geranium petals or lemon balm with layers of regular sugar in small jars, seal and allow two weeks for the scent to permeate the sugar.  These colourful, aromatic sugars can be used on the table or in cooking to add a delicate taste to foods and beverages.
  • You can also use scented geranium petals to scent jelly, ice creams and cakes.
  • Day lily buds can be frozen for later use in Oriental soups or stir-fries.
  • Spicy nasturtium flowers and leaves add flavour and vibrant colour to salads.
  • Pansies can be candied, used as a garnish or tossed into salads for colour.
  • Sweet-smelling rose petals add a delicate flavour to sweets.  Remember to remove the bitter white base of the petal before eating!
  • Chrysanthemum petal tips complement ginger in meat dishes.
  • Dianthus clove-like flavour makes a pleasant addition to salads and seafood.
  • Try using homegrown hibiscus to make a delicious, fragrant tea.

I am sure the reindeer may enjoy some of the above treats also!

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2 Responses to Alternatives to Milk and Cookies for Santa

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  2. gdguy says:

    Great article, but just a reminder. Always ensure that you know the source of any flowers prior to eating them or introducing them into food products.

    The vast majority of commercially grown flowers are treated with fertilizers, pesticides, and post harvest care products prior to reaching the consumer. All of this is done to ensure that the consumer receives the highest quality flowers and enjoys maximum longevity in their home or workplace.

    At Grower Direct we work to ensure flower farms we deal with are using these products at levels safe for the workers and the environment by partnering with flower growers that are Florverde certified. However, even so we would never suggest eating a product that is not grown or produced specifically for human consumption.

    Our best suggestion is to simply enjoy our flowers for what they are intended for , to bring joy and happiness into someones life.


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