The other ROSE BOWL

The Rose Bowl Parade –  on New Years Day is a tradition that has a very unusual history.

The Valley Hut Club of Pasadena in the winter of 1890 wanted to promote the “Mediterranean of the West”. They invited the East Coast neighbors to a mid- winter warm holiday , including games. The games were not what we  think of when we think “Rose Bowl”.  Chariot races, jousting, foot races, polo, camel and elephant races (the elephant won) and later football was included. The Valley Hunt club also wanted to show the East Coast neighbors the abundance of fresh flowers found only in the West on a “cold winter” day. A parade was formed by decorating carriages with hundreds of blooms. The Tournament of Roses name was suggested because of all the flowers on the “parade” floats.

Rules require that “every inch of the float must be covered with flowers or other natural materials. True to the roots some of the organic materials used are, flower blossoms, especially roses. Other materials may include  onion seed,  rice,  parsley,  split peas,  poppy seeds, leaves, and bark the list is endless.

What has that to to with a rose bowl you may ask – The shape of the football stadium at Yale is shaped like a bowl- hence “Rose Bowl”.

If you want to brighten your cold winter days I would suggest a Rose Bowl, it’s a small round shape fits nicely with any decor, and you would not have to clean up after the camel or the elephant!

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