Flowers and Smart Phones

When FunFlowerFacts asked me to be a contributor I didn’t hesitate for a moment, however I did have one condition. Although I am the CEO of Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers I wanted to ensure that this blog did not become or appear to be a “cheer-leading section” for the company I represent.  All I wanted to be was of many contributors to what I truly believe can be an incredible resource for “fun flower facts”.  So having said that I am about to break my own rule and talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart and one that I truly believe our company has done a wonderful job on.

A “Smart Phone” application all about flowers. In November of 2010 we proudly launched the Grower Direct “Flower Power” iPhone app and since then have already added additional features and updated it. Although at that time there were dozens of existing iPhone apps designed to let users purchase flowers via their iPhone, there were very few apps to provide the user with information about flowers. On top of that virtually every flower app available had to be purchased by the user. Frankly it just did not make a lot of sense to us why a iPhone user would pay for an app so that they could in turn purchase product and support the apps developer.

So, we designed an app from the ground up that features literally thousands of facts about flowers. Yes, of course you can still purchase flowers through our app as an added convenience for the apps users. However, the best part is it is FREE to download onto an iPhone!

If your an iPhone user please have a look at our app, you can read about it and watch a short video Here

I hope that you like what you see and download our app. When you do, please let us know your thoughts on our app and how you feel it compares to other flower apps for the iPhone Don’t hesitate to suggest improvements for future updates.

Doug Munro

About gdguy

CEO of Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers, we are a Canadian franchise system with retail flower stores across the country
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  1. janeyquiel says:

    I agree with your assumption.


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