Foxy – (Lady) = AKA Eremurus – Foxtail lily

History This member of the lily family gets its botanical name from the Greek words which means “desert,” and which means “tail.”  Eremerus comes from the Himalayas and arrived in Europe in 1881. They are also called desert candles because many species are often found in arid and dry grassland regions of Asia

Eremurus is also known as the foxtail lilies or desert candles. The  inflorescence looks similar to a long spike or a bottlebrush. It consists of many flowers in copper, bright yellow, snow white, pastel pink, orange or any combination of those colors.

Design and Care Tips

  • the top of the bloom may be brittle, handle with care
  • to encourage flowering add flower food to water
  • for proper absorption cut the ends of the stem every 2 days

Design Tips

  • foxtails add height and texture to a design
  • the stem is thick and the blooms are dense, be sure to use a sturdy vase that will not tip over
  • the array of colours vary think of all the possible combination
  • the blooms may last 10-14 days with proper care
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