Snowball fight – AKA Snowball Viburnum


Viburnum opulus is the species name, “opulus” is from the Latin “opulentus” which means splendid or sumptuous for the bloom’s appearance. The viburnum’s small tubular white blooms grow in dense clusters up to 9cm in diameter on leafy stems with a sweet fragrance. The spherical mounds give this blossom the “nick name” of “snowball”.

Viburnums are mostly available in greenish white, with the green blossoms becoming creamy white as they mature. The variety “Pink Sensation” has a light pink tint to it which gives it a soft hue.


  • the woody stems of the viburnum, needs to be trimmed 2.5 cm
  • do not smash the stems as this will inhibit the water uptake
  • check water daily as the viburnum is a big drinker
  • recut the stems every 2 to 3 days to ensure water uptake


The fragrant creamy white blooms, are a favorate for weddings and high-end floral designs.

  • if using in a wedding bouquet be sure to have the bloom hydrated well and spray it with a finishing spray in order to slow transpiration through the bloom
  • the classic large bloom is often used as a single signature flower, enhanced with greenery
  • several blooms grouped at varying heights, in a tall cylinder vase with curly willow and beaded wire adds elegance to focal area in a large room

This is the kind of snowball you would want in your home- because it will not melt on the table or cause bruising when thrown, and the bonus is it smells and looks great.

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