Where do the flowers come from?

Although I just posted  here a couple of days ago, something occurred last night that got me thinking. While I was speaking with another parent at my son’s hockey game. it came up that I work for a flower retailer and the question was asked
Where do you get your  flowers from?

Two greenhouse workers at a rose farm

Simple enough question, simple answer…..the vast majority of the flowers we sell come from the growing regions of Colombia and Ecuador. No sooner had I answered then I realized that providing such a simple answer was only scratching the surface. The journey our flowers make from the farms in South America to our customers homes and businesses is truly an amazing one and one that few know.

After thinking about it I realized that a lot of flower lovers probably have no idea on how flowers actually get to market. What a great topic for posting on FunFlowerFacts. Funny enough as I started to write it I realized I was “reinventing the wheel” as we already have detailed information on our own website about this topic. So without further ado…….

A flower’s journey to you can span continents and oceans, covering literally tens of thousands of miles – all in a matter of days. Flowers for the commercial market are grown in many parts of the world; from Canada to Australia, from Holland to Costa Rica or Kenya. Most of the flowers that we at Grower Direct purchase originate in the highlands of Colombia and Ecuador in South America. One of the world’s premiere flower growing zones is found……….Read More

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CEO of Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers, we are a Canadian franchise system with retail flower stores across the country
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