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The Society of American Florists (SAF) asked some of the country’s top florists and floral designers to describe what’s in style for flowers this Valentine’s Day, from popular flowers, gifts and color combinations to trendy flower design styles and flower delivery advice. Here is a compilation of their Valentine’s Day flower trends and ordering tips:

For those who, given the economy, may not be able to go away for the night or weekend, florists can play an important role in helping romantics be creative. If you can’t actually go to a desired destination, why not create it at home?

Flowers can take you places and help you relive fond, romantic memories … whether it be reminiscing about a Caribbean honeymoon, creating a relaxing spa retreat feel, or reliving a wine country getaway – flowers can set the stage for a romantic evening.

Beach Honeymoon

  • Tropical flowers, such as Bird of Paradise,  anthurium, ginger, or orchids with an accent of fresh fruit and foliages
  • A simple collection of orchids in a vase
  • Bells of Ireland and delphinium . The cool greens and blues will conjure up the memories of the beautiful Caribbean.
  • Recreate a Hawaiian honeymoon complete with long-lasting tropical flowers and a lei to wear. Picture your Valentine wearing a gorgeous orchid lei when it’s sub-zero outside.
  • Ask your florist to add colored sand and seashells in bouquets or vases to really create the mood!

European Vacation

  • Richly colored flowers in purples, reds and blues
  • Hand-tied bouquet of all accent flowers and a couple of roses
  • Textural hand-tied bouquets embellished with decorative beads and wires with colorful wraps
  • A loose arrangement of garden-style flowers such as hydrangea, tulips, ranunculus and roses in a clear glass vase or decorative container.
  • An arrangement that resembles the French countryside: Fresh herbs and wild flowers like heather, daisies, delphinium  and miniature roses would be pretty and romantic.
  • A French Garden of bright-hued blooming plants arranged in a classic wicker basket
  • European dish garden– mixture of flowering or green plants and fresh flowers.

Spa Weekend

  • Aromatic flowers like freesia , stock and sweet peas to sooth the senses.
  • An arrangement of relaxing blues, lavenders and greens with fresh eucalyptus and soft foliage and some select bath products.
  • Several small blue and green arrangements to place in the bathroom or bedroom.
  • All white arrangement with sea glass vases or frosted aquamarine accents
  • A fragrant selection of purple freesia  in a clear cylinder with pale pink petals floating in the vase. The soft scent of freesia combined with the soothing color palette will embrace your sweetheart with a sense of calm.
  • Monobotanic bouquet of blue iris in a clear glass vase with sea glass or shells clustered together in the bottom of the vase
  • A simple glass vase filled with calla lilies or white Casablanca lilies and cool blue glass gems inside the vase.

Wine Country Getaway

  • A few beautiful roses or lilies arranged in an empty wine bottle shared on a past date. She’ll love the sentimentality.
  • Deep reds (roses, carnations and soft greens). Add accents of vines, mosses and a bottle of wine.
  • Grapevine or wreath around the design on the base or in and around, some fruit and a bottle of wine or a gift certificate to a wine shop.
  • Grapes, sunflowers, grasses-outdoorsy and lots of yellow/peach/olive greens
  • Burgundy flowers with fresh grapes and Brie cheese in a large basket
  • Include a bottle of wine or fresh fruit and grapes with deep wine colored roses
  • Bold collection of vibrant purple anemones or alstromeria , green hydrangea, hypericum and redroses . This strong combination of color and texture will evoke the feeling of a stroll in the vineyards.
  • Rich royal-colored floral bouquet consisting of a mixture of textural materials such as purple tulips, magenta stock, green hydrangea and lavender roses tied with natural raffia. The design may include clusters of grapes.

Have fun and be creative,  flowers are always the perfect gift for your sweetheart

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