Anthurium = Happiness

Symbolizes hospitality and can be used to indicate happiness and abundance.

AnthuriumThe name Anthurium is Greek and comes from anthos meaning flower and oura which means tail and refers to the spadix.

What we think of as the Anthurium flower is actually a coloured leaf called the spathe. The flowers are very small and cover the entire flower stalk, which is called the spadix.

Anthuriums come in shades of reds, pinks, white, lilac, green and chocolate brown.    These fresh cut flowers are available year around.

Anthurium blooms are usually harvested once a week.  The maturity of the flowers for harvesting is determining by the firmness of the peduncle and the degree of color change of the spadix.

Anthuriums bruise very easily and must be handled carefully. Crowding blooms or rubbing them against one another can cause bruising that may not be noticeable until days later.

If flowers appear limp, the entire flower can be immersed in room temperature water for about 15 minutes to maximize re-hydration.

Frequent misting of Anthurium flowers is advisable as they benefit from increased humidity. Vase life is generally a minimum of 2 weeks.

The Anthurium makes a great focal point in arrangements.

It does not dry well so use it only in your fresh arrangements.

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