Some Weird and Wacky

A promo piece from the 1962 film

As an old Sci-Fi fan and flower lover when I spotted this article about a “Triffid-like” plant I thought… cool is that. Naturally I just knew I had to post something on my favorite blog. Now I realize that some of you may not relate to the “Triffid-like” reference so here’s the abridged version. The Day Of The Triffids was a 1962 Sci-Fi film based on John Wyndham’s 1951 novel about a  highly-venomous fictional plant species from outer space. Here’s a short clip

Well, enough about classic Sci-Fi, here’s the article about the plant that caught my attention…..

A RARE exotic plant has turned into a Triffid-like monster thanks to the hot weather.

Terry Baker, 53, was delighted as his Giant Bugloss shot up 13 feet in the blazing sunshine and blossomed into thousands of bright purple flowers. 

The endangered plant, latin name echium pininana, is native to the Canary Islands and very unlikely to reach great heights in Britain due to our climate.

But the sizzling temperatures of the past week left it looking like something sprout of science fiction in the garden of Terry’s home in Atworth, nr Melksham, Wilts.

Terry, who runs the Botanic Nursery, said: “I am deliriously happy. I’ve been growing these plants for 25 years and it is a real rarity for one to become so huge. Read More

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