A Secret Santa? In April and May

This is a great story of the power of flowers and how easy it is to spread joy with them

Her secret mission delivers happiness
Mystery blooms in apartment block

This is a story about the power of a flower. A bunch of less-than-perfect flowers, actually. It starts as a tantalizing mystery.

Britney Fache went out of her way to secretly leave a florist's discarded flowers in the Kenwood Courts lobby. (TREVOR HAGAN / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

For the last two months, residents of a St. Vital apartment complex have been both baffled and delighted by a secret someone who has been leaving buckets filled with flowers at both entrances.

All free for the picking.
And the sharing.

Who would do that, the tenants at the 103-suite Kenwood Courts wondered. And why?

Then on the day after Mother’s Day, a Free Press reader named Rob McInnis emailed me the answer.

“My niece works in a florist operation where, at the end of the day, there are lots of flowers that don’t make the cut and become waste,” McInnes wrote. ” Read More……..

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