Wow, now this is really “answering natures call”

I am often accused by my fellow bloggers of going out of my way to find weird and wacky flower facts to bring to the attention of our readers on Fun Flower Facts. Well, this time I think I may have proven them right and even outdone my previous efforts. Although this article is not directly about flowers, it certainly highlights just how far people will go to bring the beauty of flowers into all areas of everyday life.

Pink Orchid

Clark Sorenson, an artist in San Francisco, CA has created some of the most beautiful bathroom fixtures you can imagine, these lovely sinks and urinals are patterned after a wide variety of flowers & shells. They are strikingly beautiful and sure to be the talk of any bathroom, each is hand crafted and one of a kind, so there is no keeping up “with the Jones” here. Clark has been featured with his unique creations in design and art magazines around the world. Price wise, they are not for the faint of heart, but if you want something that will turn your bathroom from a basic functional area to an art gallery this may be it!

Sunflower, Flower art

Sunflower Sink

A word of advice, don’t be fooled by their artistic nature these are actual porcelain fixtures that are designed and intended for use. Each piece is hand formed from high fire porcelain and then kiln fired to Cone 10 (2300 ° F)..In fact his creations have been featured on segments by both CBS (see news clip video below) and HGTV. Read More…

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Just a guy in the flower business that loves what he does. I belong to a number of flower related blogs and love to share information about flowers.
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