Flowers bring magic to even the most magical places….

I was recently asked by a good friend of mine (FlowerJedi) to join Fun Flower Facts as a regular contributor. knowing Flowerjedi’s interest in flowers and after having a look at this blog I was sold. It was interesting to see a blog devoted to the fun part of flowers instead of being all about selling them as so many others blogs tend to be. So before I posted for the first time I read every post and once I had I knew I better find something to post that was really fun about flowers.

Having had the opportunity to visit Epcot at Disney World recently I was amazed at how flowers were such an integral part of their displays. To be honest, even after all my years working with flowers I was amazed at the effort and amount of flowers that are used. So in my research for my first posting I stumbled upon this and thought, why not? I just hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Toy Story Characters

Thirty million blooms, half a million plants, dozens of Disney character topiaries and 1,000 butterflies add up to a wonderful world of theme park color at the 18th annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival which took place March 2-May 15 at Walt Disney World Resort. Here are just a few teaser facts…..

  • More than 500,000 plants, trees and shrubs are planted for the festival; 250,000 of those are annual blossoms installed for the festival.
  • It takes more than one full year and about 24,000 cast member hours to prepare for the annual festival.
  • Thirty “flower towers” of impatiens line Innoventions Plaza. Read More…..

About flowerchaser

Just a fellow selling flowers who has made it a career, like to spend some of my spare time passing on what I have learned and trying to learn more.
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