Some World Record Flower Facts

This week I thought I would post some world record facts about flowers right from the folks who know about these things, Guinness World Records.  Although I have been “playing” with flowers for many years I was absolutely amazed at how even my biggest floral creations pale in comparison to some of the record holders. I hope these facts amaze you as much as they did me……

  • World’s Largest Carpet of FlowersAugust 29, 2010
    The longest carpet of flowers measured 1,915.6 m (6,284′ 9″) long and 1 m (3’3″) wide and was created by Colgate Fabuloso at the Parque de Chapultepec, in Mexico City, Mexico. The event was part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of Mexico. With the message ‘Mexico es Fabuloso’ (Mexico is fabulous). Here is a video of the event that really shows the work involved in breaking the record, (sorry that it is in Spanish but that’s all that i could find).
  • World’s Largest Flower Auction
    Aalsmeer (VBA) in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Every day during the week approximately 12,000 varieties consisting of 19 million flowers and 2 million plants are sold with a daily turnover of $7.2 million. The total area of the building covers 10 million ft² which is equal to 165 soccer fields.
  • Tallest Climbing Rose August 01, 2004
    Measuring 91′ at its highest point in a straight line from the ground the tallest climbing rose was grown by Anne and Charles Grant of Los Angeles, California, USA.
    wedding flower bouquet
  • Largest Wedding Bouquet – 6 September, 2003
    Measured 197′ 1″ long and was made using 1,500 flowers including roses and carnations. It was held by Christa Rasanayagam when she married Arulanantham Suresh Joachim at King Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  • Largest Fresh Flower MuralJanuary 07, 2001
    The largest flower mural, using 770,000 fresh dahlias, measured 1,868.94 m² (20,117ft²) using 770,000 fresh dahlias and was created by 1,250 people representing 16 neighborhoods from the Dahlia Record Committee in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands.

Here  are a couple of items that don’t seem to have made the Guinness Book Of World Records but are amazing none the less. Just as amazing is I found them right here on Fun Flower Facts!

Worlds Largest Hanging Planter
Now that is Patriotism!

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6 Responses to Some World Record Flower Facts

  1. M.hartshorn says:

    What is the most flowers on a lilium we have 27of one corm which seems a lot


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  6. Walton Witchey says:

    Hello, I stumbled on this site from stumbleupon. It is not blog post I would normally read, but I liked your spin on it. Thanks for creating something worth reading!


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