Rose named in honour of the late actress Natasha Richardson

Actress Natasha Richardson who died following a 2009 ski accident in Quebec, Canada has been honored by having a rose variety named after her.

The Natasha Richardson rose was recently unveiled during the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. Richardson’s mother, actress Vanessa Redgrave, was on hand for the ceremony.

Natasha Richardson RoseVanessa Redgrave said: “Natasha’s family, her husband and her boys, are so happy that the Natasha Richardson rose will be on view to rose lovers at the Chelsea Flower Show. I share their happiness as Tasha’s mother. Tasha was born in the merry month of May, and every rose you buy will help bring joy to a child through Make-A-Wish. Joely, my darling second daughter, I thank you and the Harkness rose-breeders for making this happen with all my heart.”

The rose, light pink in colour is being sold exclusively in the UK, with proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“Natasha was all about giving, and so it makes her rose especially appropriate that funds will go towards Make-A-Wish and helping others,” Richardson’s sister, Joely Richardson said. “Natasha was a keen gardener and would be honored to have a rose created in her memory. Pink was her favorite colour and so we chose this particular rose which is incredibly feminine and joyous; it captures her extreme vitality.”

Grown in Hertfordshire, UK by Harkness Roses, one of the countries leading rose growers, the Natasha Richardson rose combines some of  the most sought-after qualities in a single rose, making it a rose gardener’s dream.

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