Will & Kate have gone home, so have their flowers.

There is one thing that’s guaranteed when we have Royal visitors, flowers! With every stop Will & Kate were presented with flowers, lots of flowers. So what happens to them? It’s pretty obvious that they can’t possibly take them home to England!

Flowers presented to The Duchess of Cambridge.

Flowers presented to The Duchess of Cambridge.

You may have noticed a certain gentleman trailing behind the young couple, freeing their arms of all the bouquets. That’s Kevin MacLeod, the fellow who organized the Royal visit.

He ensures that the flowers are put to good use, after they have been enjoyed by Will & Kate. They are all donated to hospitals and senior homes to brighten the lives of those who are too ill to make it outside and smell the flowers! A wonderful gesture that has many real health benefits.

Although it’s not possible to take the flowers home, all of the cards are taken back and each & every one of them is read by a Royal family member!

In another “feel good” story about the Royals visit & their flowers is a lost opportunity that took 72 years to come full circle!

King George Vl & Queen Elizabeth in 1939

King George Vl & Queen Elizabeth in 1939

A Medicine Hat woman, Frances Miller was the chosen one to offer Queen Elizabeth & King George Vl a bouquet when they visited Canada in 1939. At the time Mrs Miller was a 9 yr old girl. The Royals were on a train trip across Canada and were meant to stop in Walsh, AB where Frances was anxiously waiting on the platform for their arrival with a bouquet clutched in her hands. For some unknown reason the train rolled on through the station without stopping, breaking the young girls heart. At the time word got to the King & Queen who then wrote to Francis and included a picture of the Royal family.

This time around Medicine Hat news got wind of what happened in 1939 and campaigned for Francis to be selected to present the flowers. Needless to say they were successful!

Francis Miller presented a bouquet of Red Roses to Will & Kate just before they left Calgary for Los Angles, creating the memory of a life time!

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  1. flower buds says:

    We were delighted to provide the above bouquet Kate is holding and many others she received during her visit to PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND


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