Guerrilla Gardeners and Seed Bombs!

Seed Bombs

Photo credit: Winnipeg Free Press

In the early 70’s a guerrilla gardening movement was started by eco-friendly gardeners that were tired of seeing empty plots of land overgrown with weeds. They decided to “pretty” them up by planting flowers. Not an easy task when you consider that firstly these plots are owned by someone else so trespassing was an issue, and that a lot of these areas are fenced off which makes them difficult to get to.

The early Guerrilla Gardeners came up with a brilliant idea; Seed Bombs! What is a seed bomb? It’s a simple thing, mix seeds with compost and a little clay soil, add water to bind it, roll it into a ball (or any desired shape), let it harden & voila, you have just created a seed ball!

With the creation of seed balls guerrilla gardeners no-longer have to sneak onto properties in the dark of night to beautify the area. Now they can simply throw them over the fence or into other hard to get to areas! Seed bombs are heavy so the wind cannot blow the seeds away and onto other areas where you didn’t want them.

If you’re considering becoming a guerrilla gardener there are some rules out there you should know:

  • Don’t use them in protected natural areas where they could potentially over take and eventually choke out the natural plants
  • Don’t use seeds from plants that will be invasive and completely “take over” the area
  • Don’t throw them into people’s gardens!
  • Be careful when throwing them, don’t break any windows or do any other damage to property that doesn’t belong to you

Seed bombs can be purchased online or if you want to learn how to make your own seed bombs you can check these recipes out:

If your lucky enough to live in Winnipeg Manitoba you can stop by a seed bomb vending machine, plop in your 50¢ and get one!

View the original story from the Winnipeg Free Press

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