World’s First Living Billboard

With over 800 British wildflowers (14 different species), the worlds first living billboard has been created. It took 2 months to grow the plants for this living floral advertisement. It was created by the wine company Banrock Station.

The worlds first living billboardDespite taking 12 hours to build, this floral display will be taken down in just a couple of weeks. Located at Westfield shopping centre in west London, shoppers can help maintain the billboard as they have included a pump in the design so visitors can water the plants.

Once the billboard comes down the wildflowers will be planted in local communities.

The Daily Mail reports:
Sales of the wine will help raise £30,000 for Natural England to spend on their National Nature Reserves to help protect and enhance wildflower meadows across Britain.

Principal adviser for National Nature Reserves Simon Huguet said: ‘In recent years wildflowers have become a rare sight across our countryside and it is great to see these special places getting a helping hand.’

Kate Thorn, environment manager at Banrock Station, said: ‘We’re always keen to support projects that share our philosophy of enhancing the natural environment and giving something back to nature.

Read the full story from the Daily Mail

This story is closely related to one we recently did on a living wall that depicts Van Gogh’s painting of “A Wheatfield of Cypresses”.

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  5. This is great! Wish I had one on my wall 🙂


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