Flowers & Road Signs – Not Good Companions!

Recently in Toronto, good intentions went awry!

flowers obstruct street signs in Toronto

Can you read the street name?

In an attempt to “beautify” the streets beautiful Hanging Flower Pots overflowing with bountiful blooms were attached to posts that also hold road signs, such as stop signs, street signs and parking signs. Sounds good right? After all there’s nothing wrong with trying make a city prettier.

However, herein lies the problem: The road signs must be a certain height for people to see them and the flowers also need to be a certain height for watering. It’s rather unfortunate that they both require the same height!

Now a lot of the road signs are hiding behind the blooms, for example the above sign for Rushton Road is almost completely covered by the hanging basket.

This could lead to some angry motorists & dangerous situations. For example parking, you pull up, park your car and when you come back you have a parking ticket because the No Parking sign was hiding behind the flowers. I for one would fight a ticket like that! Or even worse, some Stop Signs are also completely covered by flowers which could easily lead to someone missing the sign and not stopping when they should.
Obviously the intentions were good, however the application certainly leaves something to be desired!

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