Exclusive European Garden Tour



Gardeners and Flower lovers take note! In May 2012 you have the chance to take a once in a life-time tour to visit some world famous gardens in Europe. This 15 day tour gives you time to take in other European attractions as well.

Leaving from Vancouver, Canada the destination is Amsterdam. The first thing you’ll get to do is take a canal tour of this beautiful city. Then you get to visit the world famous Keukenhof Flower Garden. A trip to the worlds largest flower auction, Aalsmeer Flower Auction is also scheduled, it’s a remarkable place where over 20 million flowers are sold each and every day! Whilst in Amsterdam you will also be treated to an exclusive visit to the private garden of Jacqueline Van Der Kloet, known as Holland’s Queen of landscaping! Of course you will have plenty of free time to visit the infamous Red Light District, historical downtown & it’s picturesque Flower Market.


Appeltern Gardens

After Amsterdam the next stop is Appeltern Gardens in Gelderland, Netherlands. Here you will get to see a set of 150 gardens that are unlike anything you have seen anywhere in the world! These gardens are closely linked in such a way that you can walk through the completely different styled gardens in no time at all.  From there you move on to Kijktuinen, another unique destination in Holland that is known only to the top of Dutch horticulturists and landscape architects who go there for inspiration and new innovate ideas. Next stop; Floriade 2012, World Horticultural Expo. This event is billed as a “Global Spectacle” and a “spectacular theatre of nature”. Covering more than 66 hectares there are 5 unique themed garden “worlds” seperated by wooded area. Floriade is such a huge undertaking that it is only put on once every 10 yrs. The size of site requires a 30 metre high cable car system to move people from one end to the other.

Belgium garden

Belgium garden

From there we move to Belgium, stopping at some remarkable private gardens on the way of course! Bruges, Belgium is one of the most quaint and charming old world cities in Europe. Famous for it’s architecture, some of which dates back to the Middle Ages. Bruges holds the designation of a World Heritage Site due to the beautiful historic nature of it’s remarkable buildings.

Then it’s a quick jump across the English Channel on the Eurostar (this is the train that travels UNDER the English Channel!) to one of my favourite destinations, London England. From London you’ll head down to


Great Dixter

Kent to visit the Gardens of Sissinghurst Castle. These gardens were built around the ruins of an Elizabethan house, set in the middle of it’s own private woods, offering amazing views of the countryside. You’ll also get to see Great Dixter, made famous by the work of author and gardener Christopher Lloyd. He was born at the estate and died there in 2006. Great Dixter is a 20th century Arts & Crafts garden that was restored in the early 1900’s.

Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

Heading back to London you stop at the 121 hectare Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew followed by a day at Hampton Court where you’ll get to see the worlds longest herbaceous border, one of the worlds oldest and biggest grape vines and some incredible garden structures such as a huge Victorian Garden Tunnel. This once in a life time trip ends with a visit to the infamous Chelsea Garden Show, this show is reason alone to visit England! Here you will some incredibly innovative gardens as well as floral displays of incomparable beauty and botanical perfection!

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a trip that you will remember for a lifetime! For more details about this trip contact lyle.truden@flightcentre.ca at Flight Centre in Vancouver Canada. And if you go, please take some pictures and share them with me! If your like me and won’t be able to make this trip I hope I have provided enough links to all the destinations so you, like myself, can at least take a virtual tour! Happy Travels!

You can read the original article & see the full-size photos about this trip on the Vancouver Sun Blog.

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