Wildflowers stop Mad Max dead in his tracks!

Mad Max

Mel Gibson - The original Mad Max

The 4th sequel of the infamous Mad Max movies was to return to it’s original filming location in New South Wales, Australia, which is normally a desert wasteland. Perfect for the Mad Max series wouldn’t you say?

Nature however had other plans! Normally a barren wasteland the area is now, thanks to heavy rains, a sea of blooming wildflowers! Hardly the right scenery for Mad Max!

Due to the wildflowers production has been moved to the African republic, but guess what, they too have seen an abnormally large amount of rain. Namibia has had its heaviest rainfall in 120 years. It seems like there’s just never a post-apocalyptic wasteland around when you need one!

George Souris as Mad max

George Souris as Mad max

Australians are upset that the film production has been moved out of Australia, the movies birthplace and that Mel Gibson is no longer “Mad Max”. Here are some comments made by Australians:

Mel Gibson Is the only mad max , it wouldn’t be the same if there was another one to take his place. and Broken Hill is the only setting for it

Seriously….No Mel, a pommy Max instead, and now not to be made in Australia……what a farce, why even bother making the film? Mad Max is AUSTRALIAN

This makes me laugh. A bunch of flowers stopped it being filmed in Australia. As I recall Australia is 70% arid or desert isn’ that good enough?

Read More: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/its-mad-max-out-of-africa-and-broken-hill-isnt-happy-about-it/story-e6frfmvr-1226188223792

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