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Mini Pineapples

From the Bromeliaceae family, Dwarf pineapple is native to southern Brazil and Paraguay and carried by the Indians up through South and Central America to Mexico and the West Indies long before the arrival of Europeans.¬† Christopher Columbus saw the … Continue reading

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Fiddlesticks, um I mean Fiddleheads!

Fiddleheads (Dicranopteris linearis) This unusual looking tropical floral green is actually the new growth of a giant fern that grows in Hawaii. The ferns new growth uncurls from the center of the plant forming these Fiddle like heads. As the … Continue reading

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Snowdrop Mania

Snowdrops, Latin name Galanthus, which mean ‘milk-white flowers’, are a gene of about 20 species of bulbous perennials that bloom from late winter to mid-spring depending on the region. They are the¬†earliest flowering spring bulb, and are known to start … Continue reading

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Love is in the Air!

Flowers have so many wonderful qualities, but one of my favorites is their scent. Hundreds of years ago, when daily hygiene routines were not as thorough as they are today, weddings were held during the spring and summer seasons for … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Blooms – Alternatives to Red Roses

When most people think of Flowers & Valentine’s day it’s Red Roses that immediately come to mind. Probably because everyone knows that a Red Rose means love (it’s true meaning is “Passionate Love”). Red Roses are also a very popular … Continue reading

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Luminescent Flowers will be available soon!

An Australian Professor, Mark Tester and his team of scientists have made the worlds first formula which makes flora appear to be luminescent. Released to the world only yesterday, the company Galassia Flowers is already receiving requests from floral companies … Continue reading

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