Snowdrop Mania

Snowdrop bloomsSnowdrops, Latin name Galanthus, which mean ‘milk-white flowers’, are a gene of about 20 species of bulbous perennials that bloom from late winter to mid-spring depending on the region. They are the earliest flowering spring bulb, and are known to start growing before the snow has melted away, emerging well before spring crocuses.

This charming little plant features a single, nodding, bell-like flower and has gathered quite a following. It’s simple elegance has caught the attention of many botany fanatics across Europe and North American. There is an annual Snowdrop Gala in Devon, UK, on February 11, this year. Apparently, the Gala is quite the rage. The gala features lectures, socializing and a market, where enthusiast are all hunting for the newest snowdrop bulbs, and all stock sells out in a quick 15 minutes. People travel all the way from Japan and Australia to attend this worldly popular event in the beautiful Devon countryside.

Dr John Grimshaw, of Colesbourne Park, Gloucestershire, who has a personal fascination for snowdrops, says the endearing flower has spiked the same level of devotion in its followers as orchids have inspired in many.
“There has been a big increase in interest in them. Like anything in life, there are fashions in plants and snowdrops just seem to have caught people’s imagination.” Dr John Grimshaw. Visit his blog at for more wonderful information on snowdrops.

Watch nature lover Neil Bromhalls’ time lapse photography video of a snowdrop bloom opening.

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