BLOOM – A Collision of Art & Flowers


BLOOM by Anna Schuleit - Pink Heather

Artist Ann Schuleit was commissioned to create an installation expressing the lack of fresh flowers found in the health care industry. Titled “BLOOM”, the installation was set in the Massachusetts Mental Health Care Center in Boston, MA. The hallways, previously filled with bustling nurses and sleepy eyed patients, were transformed into colourful walkways, resembling an over-filled garden. 28,000 potted blooming plants and 5,600 sq ft of live sod were installed by a colour specific pattern throughout the buildings four floors.


BLOOM by Anna Schuleit - Red Mums

Thousands of former staff and patients were invited to attend a forum and tour the florafied building. The building opened in 1912, and due to maintenance issues, was demolished shortly after “BLOOM”, to be replaced by a new facility located on the same site.


BLOOM by Anna Schuleit - Blue Hallway

After the 4 day event, the flowers were donated to psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals, half-way houses and homeless shelters.


BLOOM by Anna Schuleit - Tiny Office with Tulips


BLOOM by Anna Schuleit - orange Tulips


BLOOM by Anna Schuleit - orange begonias

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