Bejeweled Bouquets

With spring around the corner (if only the snow would stay away!), wedding season is upon us! One of my favorite things about weddings is the massive amounts of flowers that come with it… and of course the love! Our everyday lives hopefully include a vase full of bright blooms, but weddings seem to be dedicated to bring flowers into our presence in a very powerful way. I know weddings are dedicated to love; but, flowers help set the stage for love to play out.

Here are a few fabulous bouquets that would enhance any wedding, done by various Grower Direct floral designers. All of these bouquet feature glamorous jewels, brooches, and lots of bling.

This bouquet features silver gems, pearl pins, ribbon and sparkly white floral picks. Such a great way to add a fun yet elegant twist on a classic white rose.


This bejeweled beauty just radiates glam. Pale yellow Phalaenopsis orchids with purple throats are enhanced by a gold wire collar, marvelous hanging jewels and rich gold ribbon.


Gorgeous pink roses complimented by a unique medley of brooches, which were provided by the bride herself! The different textures and colour combinations are very eye catching.


The glittering gold and rich purple ribbon braided down the stems of light purple Phalaenopsis orchids adds an element of enchantment. Completed with a silver wire collar, this bouquet is simply sensational!

I just love all of these stunning bouquets! Brooches, bling and ribbon are timeless keepsakes that will always hold memories, even after the flowers have faded away.

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One Response to Bejeweled Bouquets

  1. Wow! Those wedding bouquets are really elegant and stunning. I so like it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.


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