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Fruited Branches

Fruited branches come from various types of trees and shrubs, and they are members of different botanical families and genera. These branches are treasured for their fanciful fruits that lend accent to floral designs year-round. Here are five of the … Continue reading

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Greens – A Florist’s Staple

Greens are a necessity for every florist! Greenery is available in all shades of green, sizes and textures. They are fillers that add colour, contrast and character to designs. Brightly coloured flowers come alive in floral arrangements against the green … Continue reading

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Red Tipped Photinia

Photinia is in the genus of deciduous and evergreen east Asian trees and shrubs widely cultivated as ornamentals for their white flowers and red fruits; in some classifications includes genus Heteromeles. From the family Rosaceae; rose family (a large family … Continue reading

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New Varieties for 2012 – In Video!

Earlier this month I posted my top picks of the new plant varieties for 2012. This time your in for a much larger floral treat! Sit back and enjoy these great videos featuring many more new 2012 plant varieties from … Continue reading

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Largest Living Wall inside an airport in North America – Edmonton International Airport

The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has recently undergone a vast expansion and has turned to green d├ęcor options. The airport now boasts of a 1420 sq ft area dedicated to a Living Wall (also referred to as a Vertical Garden, … Continue reading

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The Ever Popular Peony

Peonies symbolizes nobility, value and peace; however, they can also signify shame. The name originates from Greek mythology- Paeon was a bright student learning under the god Asclepius. Zeus turned Paeon into a flower to save him from the jealous … Continue reading

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London’s Olympic Blooms

What used to be a predominantly neglected industrial area is now London’s newest pride & joy – Olympic Park. The final wildflower meadows were seeded a few days ago and should be in full bloom by the opening of the … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Birds have been popping up in home decor, contemporary art, popular literature, fashion and floral design. The same bold beautiful feathers that are inspiring current trends have also caught the eyes of floral designers. Flowers and feathers alike have visual … Continue reading

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We are Dependant on Flowers

The most important thing that a plant does is to flower. Without flowers we would not have fruits, crops and of course seeds to begin the following year. In the past, experiments have proven that plants can adjust the timing … Continue reading

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Canada – A Biodiversity Treasure

Ottawa’s botanists have completed a new book; Official Plant Emblems of Canada, A Biodiversity Treasure that explores our provincial flowers in a funny, intriguing and sometimes gross way! Biology and politics also met back in 1999 when Quebec replaced it’s … Continue reading

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