Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Birds have been popping up in home decor, contemporary art, popular literature, fashion and floral design. The same bold beautiful feathers that are inspiring current trends have also caught the eyes of floral designers. Flowers and feathers alike have visual appeal, so it’s no wonder the two have come together. The product is amazing, larger than life floral bird sculptures!

White Peacock

This white peacock sculpture was created for a wedding in southern France last year. It features all white flowers, including Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis Orchids.


Created as part of the Spring Renaissance Event at the Covent Garden in London, these two peacocks stood at approximately 7.6m high and were made entirely of potted plants. The sculptures were designed to grow for a month. At the end of the month, the sculptures where disassembled and the potted plants donated.


Flamingo, anyone? This long neck sculpture is a great idea for a baby shower arrangement. The entire bird is covered in flowers, starting with ivy leaves wrapped around the legs, pink peonies and pink carnations covering the body and is finished off with individual pink petals layered on the neck.


This parrot sculpture does true justice to the real bird! Bright green button pompons, purple and pink carnations, orange petals covering the beak and layered leaves creating the tail. So fun!


These chicks, made from hydrangea, are so adorable! Definitely the smallest of the birds, but my favourite.


Last but not least, this extravagant swan table centerpiece was designed for a wedding. The swan was made with all white flowers, including Phalaenopsis orchids and white roses. There are more flowers than table space!

Put a bird on it

Looking for an easy way to keep with the bird theme? Put a bird on it!

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