Fruited Branches

Crab Apple branches and berries

Crab Apple branches and berries

Fruited branches come from various types of trees and shrubs, and they are members of different botanical families and genera. These branches are treasured for their fanciful fruits that lend accent to floral designs year-round.

Here are five of the most common, commercially produced fruited branches along with their genus and family classifications:

CRABAPPLE: from the Rosaceae or rose family.

FIG: or Ficus or Moraceae from the Mulberry) family. The Latin Ficus translates literally to “fig.”

KIWI:  also known as Chinese Gooseberry and Yang-tao from the Actinidiaceae family. The genus name Actinidia (kiwi) is from the Greek word “aktinos” (a ray) referring to the styles (part of the pistils) of the flowers that radiate from the center.

PERSIMMON: from the Ebenaceae or ebony family. The genus name Diospyros (persimmon) is derived from the Greek words “dios” (divine) and “pyros” (wheat), meaning “fruit of the gods.”

POMEGRANATE: from the Punicaceae family. Pomegranate comes from the Latin “pomum granatum,” meaning “apple of many seeds.”

The reds to bronzes of Crabapples, greens to peach-orange of Persimmons, greens to reds of Pomegranates and brown/greens of Kiwis and Figs add unique colors and textures to seasonal floral designs, the bonus is, they are all edible!

Although some fruited branches are available year-round from various suppliers and markets, they are generally most plentiful from late summer through early winter.

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