Go Green with your bath mat?

An innovative idea by designer Nguyen La Chanh is good for the environment, good for the bathroom and good for you too! This Eco-friendly bath mat is made from moss, yes that’s right, real live, living moss! Introducing the “Larosée”.


When you step out of the tub or shower the water that drips off your body waters the moss, combine that with the steam from your bathroom and the moss mat has all the moisture it needs to survive.

Moss Bath Mat

Incredibly soft to stand on & no, you won’t harm the moss! It evolves through time on a base made of recycled latex & will stay green and useable for several months. The design of the mat (which uses no dirt what so ever) makes it easy to remove and replace any moss “cell” that may need replaced.

Moss Bath Mat

The moss likes shadow and humidity and stays green throughout several months. The air cells (moss) form the carpet, shape and color might vary (depending under which tree they have been collected). The edges are shaped like a wave in order to allow several rugs to fit together to cover the surface you desire.

Beyond its original aesthetics “Larosée” is a subtle invitation to reflect on the importance of ecological challenges: water is a vital element which was thought to be an endless resource, free and pure, but nowadays everyone is aware that access to water, its quality and a moderate consumption are among the key challenges of the future.

You can purchase the “Larosée” Moss Mat online, complete with moss or you can purchase the base and fill it your self. Either way you will have an amazing conversation piece & will be doing a little bit more to be Eco-friendly.

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