Study Officially Links Flowers with Romance

You have probably always considered flowers as a material means of conveying affection, but is this truly because they are powerful psychological triggers of romance, or simply

Study Links Romance with Flowers

because it’s merely traditional?

Well, according to a new study out of coming out of the University of South Brittany in France, Flowers absolutely do have a lasting affect on romance, and a powerful one at that!

The study shows that women are substantially more susceptible to the advances of men while in the presence of flowers, even if the flowers are not a focal point of the conversation or even a gift from him to her!

Men, instructed to approach women and attempt to get their phone number for eventual romantic contact were found to be far more efficient and successful at their task when the targeted women were located in the presence of flowers than anywhere else!

The test results yielded a 25% success rate when approaching women who were found purchasing flowers alone, as opposed to a mere 10% success rate when approaching women who were in the process of purchasing a nice new pair of shoes.

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