Black Flowers for Black Friday?

Today is Friday the 13th, a day where some people consider it to be bad luck. Some may even call it “Black Friday.” Black represents death, mystery and intrigue.  It is a powerful colour. So powerful that it doesn’t even exist in nature. “Black” flowers are actually, very dark shades of purples, reds and blues.

Black Bat FlowerBlack Bat Flower

Think bats are creepy? This flower is even creepier looking! This unusual looking flower with the long whisker-like filaments can be intimidating for superstitious people.  There is a belief that it is unlucky to look into the “eyes” of the Tacca chantrieri (the scientific name for the plant), as it could bring death to you or a close family member. Whether this is true or not, there is no need to worry about this flower attacking you. It’s harmless.

Chocolate Cosmos

This flower is more brown than black, but it’s included because it’s special.  Also known by the scientific name, Cosmos atrosanguineus, this species is grown for its rich dark red-brown flowers. Native to Mexico, this flower tends to attractive butterflies with its tantalizing chocolatey scent late in the day when it blooms from June through September.  It certainly smells good enough to eat, but the flower unfortunately isn’t edible.  And it’s not related to the cacao tree.

Black Iris

black iris

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Irises come in all colours of the rainbow, including white, blue and yellow. But black is definitely the most striking to look at! The Iris chrysographes is native to China and Myanmar. These velvety purple-black flowers can be found in meadows, hillsides and forests. These irises are easily cultivated requiring moist, fertile soil in full sun. They bloom from June to July and are pleasantly fragrant.

Black flowers aren’t usually given away as gifts because of what the colour represents. That being said, a bouquet of black flowers would be appropriate to send your lover, if you want to end the relationship. It says “farewell” in a tasteful and thoughtful manner.

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I love flowers! I enjoy writing about them as well as gardening. Mostly I love finding new and unique flower gardening ideas I encourage you to post regularly on this blog, and send in guest blogs or ideas for new blogs as well. New and exciting blogs are always welcome I intend to post a lot of interesting facts and fun stuff about flowers, as well as info on many varieties of flowers.
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