Wedding Flowers: Trends of 2012

Summers are notorious for weddings.  And like hot days and lemonade, weddings and flowers go hand in hand! A wedding just wouldn’t be a wedding without flowers! Here’s a look at some of 2012’s wedding trends.

White Bouquets white bouquet from grower direct

The white bouquet is a classic. It will never go out of style. Traditional bouquets made of roses are romantic and timeless.  Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding bouquet was simple, yet chic and inspired other brides to follow suit.

Rustic Flowers Sunflower

Using local wildflowers such as daisies, poppies, sunflowers and lilies have become popular again. Organic accents such as burlap, ferns and feathers could also be used to achieve the natural look.  If you want to be less traditional, holding a single large flower, like a sunflower instead of a bouquet would make a bold statement.

Tangerine BouquetTangerine Flowers

As the 2012 Pantone colour of the year, tangerine is making appearances everywhere. Flowers that come in this fun and happy colour include: carnations, roses, gerbera daisies, freesia and dahlia, lilies and snapdragons. This is a bold choice for brides wanting something different. And it’s a nice change from all the pastels and vintage colours we’ve been seeing.

Bejeweled BouquetsBouquet with gems

Bouquets with sparkling accents such as jewels and brooches are gaining popularity with brides. The look is very glamorous and elegant. And you could make the bouquet extra special by adding unique family heirlooms and jewels.  You can read more about them here.

Any of these flower choices would look great, but that being said, you don’t have to follow any of these trends. It is your wedding, after all! Choose the flowers that will make you happy.

About Connor Lowry

I love flowers! I enjoy writing about them as well as gardening. Mostly I love finding new and unique flower gardening ideas I encourage you to post regularly on this blog, and send in guest blogs or ideas for new blogs as well. New and exciting blogs are always welcome I intend to post a lot of interesting facts and fun stuff about flowers, as well as info on many varieties of flowers.
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7 Responses to Wedding Flowers: Trends of 2012

  1. I really liked your post.Flowers plays an important role in weddings.For centuries, flowers have been used in bridal bouquets, as centerpieces on the tables and to decorate churches and reception halls.Choosing wedding flowers that fit your style and petals that match your color palette isn’t always easy.


  2. Thanks for sharing this information.and these flowers are very popular for wedding presentations.


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