Fun Flower Facts: Cyclamen

Beautiful pink Cyclamen flowerCyclamen is a perennial native to Europe and the Mediterranean region that grows from tubers.

Cyclamens are grown for their pretty, scented flowers, reminiscent of an up swept ballerina skirt. The five-petaled flowers come in shades of pink, white or purple.

It is one of the most common houseplants, especially popular during the Christmas season. One of the reasons why people love this plant is because it will bring colour and beauty to the home without much effort. Cyclamens will flower all year round, depending on the species.

Cyclamens are also a favourite in garden beds because they are hardy and can tolerate cold climates. Plus, they are low maintenance and pest resistant. Cyclamen does best in rich soils with high humus content that drains freely.

This delicate beauty was so popular in the past, that it now considered endangered in the wild. Due to excessive harvesting for horticultural purposes, it is rare to come across cyclamens in their native environments. As a result, conservation methods have been introduced to keep the cyclamen from being extinct. Instead of digging up these plants illegally, it is recommended that people buy their cyclamens from established nurseries, where they are propagated without harm done to the wild plants.

Fun facts about Cyclamens

  • Cyclamen is also known as “sowbread,” as it fed to pigs  to enhance the flavour of pork.
  • The name Cyclamen comes from the Greek word “kuklos,” meaning circle.
  • Cyclamens have been used in traditional herbal medicine to heal wounds and boils.
  • During the Renaissance, the ear-shaped leaves were thought to heal ear aches.
  • In the late 16th century, cyclamen was used to induce childbirth.
  • These plants are toxic to dogs and cats.
  • In the language of flowers, cyclamen symbolize departure; they would be a perfect gift for someone who is retiring or relocating.

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