Fun Flower Facts: Roses Named After Celebrities

As if fame and fortune wasn’t enough for celebrities, they even have flowers named after them!

Marilyn Monroe Rose
Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell, has a soft, creamy apricot colored hybrid rose named after her.  The rose is lightly scented and a classic beauty, which perfectly represents Marilyn’s timeless beauty.

The Barbara Streisand Rose

Barbara Streisand has said that if a flower was named after her, she would want it to smell good and be disease free. Botanists have since bred and named a sweet smelling, purple rose with a hearty immune system just for her!

julia child rose

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Julia Child Rose
Julia Child was famous for introducing American homemakers to French cuisine, which is known for its rich and decadent ingredients. The award-winning chef personally chose her own rose. The Julia Child Rose is golden yellow like butter and has a sweet licorice fragrance.

dolly parton rose

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Dolly Parton Rose

The Dolly Parton Rose is red-orange hybrid teas rose with lots of personality! It is a big, showy flower with double blooms- perfect for this country diva! The rose also fabulously fragrant.

audrey hepburn rose

Photo Credit: BloomersBlog

Audrey Hepburn Rose
Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of elegance and class. The Apple Blossom Pink Hybrid Tea rose is very feminine and delicate, just like the talented and beautiful actress. It’s a free-blooming, scented rose.

betty white rose

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Betty White Rose
The Betty White rose is a hybrid tea rose with an old-fashioned flare.  It is creamy white with an apricot pink center and has a strong classic rose scent. This antique rose is full of spirit and life,  just like the longtime actress.

elizabeth taylor rose

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Elizabeth Taylor Rose
The Elizabeth  Taylor Rose is a showstopper, just like the charismatic entertainer. The rose is glamorous deep pink with large double blooms.  It is lightly scented.

george burns rose

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George Burns Rose
Named for the quirky comedian’s 100th birthday, this rose has ruffled red and yellow striped flowers. It’s a colourful, fragrant rose with lots of flair and personality, just like George!

Paul McCartney Rose

Photo Credit: beautifulgardens

Paul McCartney Rose
The Paul McCartney rose is an award winning hybrid with deep pink double blooms and highly fragrant. It was bred in honour of the singer’s 50th birthday. It’s a perfect rose, representing Paul’s perfectionist tendencies.

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8 Responses to Fun Flower Facts: Roses Named After Celebrities

  1. Sue Hale says:

    Anyone know where you can find the Audrey Hepburn rose?


  2. Tammy Sorch says:

    That’s very pretty and the different colors look like they match the celebrity!


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  6. J Mason, New York, NY says:

    Does anyone know the procedure for obtaining naming rights to a Rose?


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