How to Save Seeds from Annual Flowers

poppy seed podsNow that autumn is here and the outdoor growing season is winding down, it’s time to do some maintenance in the garden. Old annuals should be pulled out and disposed of, preferably in a compost pile. Containers should be scrubbed and put away. But before you do all of that, you should consider saving some of the seeds for next spring.

Reasons to Save the Seeds

  • it’s super easy and hardly takes any effort!
  • cost effective; you can grow more annuals next year at a fraction of the cost
  • you can share seeds with friends and neighbours
  • you can save them for the birds as food
  • seeds from heirloom plants can be saved for future generations

How to Collect and Save the Seeds

  1. After the flowers have finish blooming, don’t deadhead them. Leave them alone so that the seeds can mature.
  2. Cut or pick dried seedheads after the seeds have turned brown, but before they fall on the ground.
  3. After the seeds are completely dry, use your fingers to separate them from the seedhead.
  4. When the seeds are dried, separate them from their pods. Store them in small envelopes and label them for future use.  It’s important to make sure that the seeds are completely dry before storing them. Moist seeds will rot. Let them air dry for a couple of weeks.
  5. Store seeds in a cool, dry place.

Examples of annuals:

  • Ageratum (Floss Flower)
  • Bachelor’s Button
  • Bells of Ireland
  • Cosmos
  • Marigold
  • Petunia
  • Snapdragon
  • spider flower
  • Sunflower
  • Zinnia

About Connor Lowry

I love flowers! I enjoy writing about them as well as gardening. Mostly I love finding new and unique flower gardening ideas I encourage you to post regularly on this blog, and send in guest blogs or ideas for new blogs as well. New and exciting blogs are always welcome I intend to post a lot of interesting facts and fun stuff about flowers, as well as info on many varieties of flowers.
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