Orchid named after Will and Kate

You know you are important when… you get a flower named after you, of course!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Singapore recently to attend an orchid naming ceremony. It was a very special occasion, indeed! They royal couple were being honoured with their own orchid at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The free-flowering orchid was named “Vanda William and Catherine” to represent the marriage of the royal couple. The stunning white flowers with purple spots are about 8 cm in width. Each flowering spray can grow up to 35cm in length and bear up to 10 blooms.

As part of the ceremony, the couple signed a certificate to formally name the orchid.

Prince William also had the opportunity to see the orchid named in honour of his mother, the late Princess Diana. Sadly, Princess Diana had planned on seeing the flower in person before her unexpected death. “It’s beautiful,” declared William upon seeing the “Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana” orchid.

The couple was also shown orchids named after Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II.

William and Kate were in Singapore as part of the 9 day tour of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Singapore was their first stop of the tour.

To read more about this story, please go to DailyMail.co.uk

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